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Choose to flower

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Something I wrote on a birthday in my mid twenties

Choose to Flower

Life is really about growing. Growth is about releasing, liberating, moving, evolving- EXPANDING.

To grow you have to make a choice. Choose to understand that there will be challenging moments, and there will also be breakthroughs. Most of all, choose to believe that you are worth it- and that knowing yourself more and more deeply is the most important thing that you can do in this lifetime.

Follow your heart guidance, even in the face of fearful resistance of your thoughts/ “head”- and trust that you are coming closer to the light in you. Trust your heart as the compass to your evolution. This latter statement has so many mainstream connotations. For example, “follow your heart” is so cliched. All I mean is choose evolution over fear in your journey. Trust your inner guidance that comes from a deeper knowing than rational certainty. This is the quintessence of “following your heart” rather than your head in your journey. I cannot tell you what you inner guidance is because only you know. Only you know your heart.

Trust your “heart” and everything will work out perfectly and divinely- because you are perfect and divine. Following your heart is following the true you- this perfection and divinity.

When you can manifest yourself as an expression of this perfection and divinity- your true self- you will enter your flower space under the bright sun. You will come alive.

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