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Narrative frameworks... on life

There are many narratives floating in the social 'ether' about how I'm supposed to live my life, generally related to being a woman. "Rooting" and "settling" have been two terms to which I am supposed to aspire, and frequent tension emerges when I bristle at these posturing archetypes whether through a conversational retort or as a solitary internal jab. In those reactionary moments, I'm trying to protect myself from internalizing a story that isn't mine, and that ultimately does not provide a framework for my own destiny. I have a desire to truly surrender to the life that the divine has laid out for me, and the narratives that unfold on my life journey should be a precious secret between me and the divine.

How can we step into the divine's story for our own life when we relegate this story to the emphatic ideologies of "rooting" or "settling"? The latter also represents a form of idolatry, as in those moments of ideological narration, we stop identifying with the greatest flow possible for ourselves and rather attach to a conditioned narrative that serves very little but momentary social approval. Buy a home, stay in one place, but don't attach an ideology to it, that's what I'm saying. These are but actions that can emerge from the flow of life, and do not need to be guiding religions.

Stepping into your destiny, or into your own greatness, is perhaps what involves the most compelling act of bravery of them all. It involves truth, integrity, and choosing to listen only to the voice of the divine. There may be many obstacles, including oppressive social norms which are often enforced by those whom we love most. Thus, not only are we battling external reinforcement, but are also battling our own internal cognitive-emotional worlds as we will have internalized this reinforcement vis-a-vis our biological attachment system. My beloved spiritual Guide, Amma, reminds of two main ideas: 1. consider what the true purpose of one's life is; 2. do not be pulled by what one should not be pulled by (anything less than THAT). In other words, stepping into your destiny may involve discernment regarding the authenticity of the various outer and inner pulls (as feelings or thoughts) in terms of how they align with your deepest life purpose.

Only you have the guide to your own destiny, because only you can hear the universe speaking to you within your own stillness. Again, this co-created narrative that is your personal roadmap is a precious secret between you and the universe. Surrender to your own greatness. Develop a meditation practice to discern the different "inner pulls" in order to open to the voice of greatness within you. The roadmap is already laid. You now need to to study, listen, and follow. Oftentimes, in this practice, you will find that conditioned narratives may represent a roadblock to moving forward. Honor that part of you that bristles. Trust that your commitment to your deeper journey will always win, because nothing can get in the way of the universe.

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