Creative- Clinical Consult

Service Description

1. Are you a clinical practitioner? Do you need some creative spark for your sessions? While you've worked hard to gain a clinical sensibility, let me help you infuse your creative spark back into your clinical journey. As a clinical practitioner, I can help you identify blocks and/or stale aspects in your approach to a clinical paradigm through an artistic lens. Let's infuse a clinical paradigm with creative energy and bring your inspiration back through a personalized artistic process! This service addresses your self development as a professional rather than your technique. 2. Are you an artist? Are you trying to understand and maximize the transformative power behind your art? Let a skilled clinical practitioner with an artistic eye help you to understand the clinical and psychologically-salient change forces behind your work so you can enhance them. For example, what is it psychologically that is behind your playwriting that has an impact on audiences? Why do you feel a sense of flow in one genre of painting moreso than another? Understanding brings flexibility, and invites growth. I will help you to join a clinical paradigm with your artistic work in order to map out why your work is so transformative, and to invite fresh ideas. This service may tap into your technique, but may be more focused upon your self development as a professional.